Nominated Players

Clubs that have more than one Team in the same Section of the League, i.e. Ladies, Men’s or Mixed, will nominate their top players that cannot “play down”. See Constitution Rule 19

ClubSectionNominated Players
ABAMen’s A
Steven Chappell
Vladimir Shishkov
Duncan Grant
Sam Muir
Nathan MacPherson
Dale Harris
ABAMen’s B
Dave Balmford
Jack Browning
Scott McKnee
Gabriel Godfroy
Colin Hopkins
Chris Gray
FetteressoMen’s A 
FetteressoMixed A
Neil Cuthbert
Jason Guyan
Andy Hinchcliffe
Rachael Rennie
Pauline Duncan
Robin Martin
Glen YthanMen’s A
James Seivewright
David Rutledge
James Leckie
Rahul Chandu
Martin Burns
David Ross 
Granite CityMen’s A
Jamie King
Alistair Swan
Johnny Milne
Dougy Gray
Stewart Brown
Neil Maclean
RacquetsMen’s A
Ryan Clunie
Graeme Cowie
Erlend Inkster
Peter Smart
Adam Poptani
Craig Walker